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Our Approach:
Holistic Development

Jesus' ministry was holistic. He reached out to the poor and gave them a new beginning. He healed a blind beggar; fed the hungry; restored outcast lepers to their community, He did many other acts of compassion to lift heavy hearts. God cares about the broken and the bound.

Salvation is not just about being delivered from the punishment of sin, but about reconciliation and restoration. Its about entering a right relationship with God and man; that is living in peace with God. 
Our holistic development approach is our conviction that God is interested in every area of our lives, our family and our communities. Through our Global Outreach, Biblical Studies, Life Empowerment arms, Liberty International seeks to address the whole person. It is God's desire for us to live a victorious life walking in liberty. Be free!


Our Holistic training & development is not only about teaching people to “do” things. God works to bring about the transformation of spirit, heart and mind.


Our Bible Institute and Life Empowerment seminars are designed to increase in knowledge, spiritual growth, and development of God-given gifts. We desire that in your development, you know who you are, be all that God intended you to be, and do His will according to His purpose.

When you confidently know who you are in Christ, you are motivated and empowered to be and do better. This type of knowing is not just “head” knowledge. It’s a knowledge that is informed by you faith, which comes from the living word of God.  

Knowing God's word is necessary for your spiritual journey and transformation. Growing in knowledge of God through His Word increases, understanding, wisdom, discernment and discretion.

Our Three Arms of Serving


Global Outreach

Get to know some of our Global Outreach initiatives and projects serving children, women, youth & emerging leaders.


Bible Institute

Interesting in developing spiritually? Desire to get format Biblical training? 



Through Life Empowerment seminars, conferences, and practical training we help individuals and leaders understand their value and move forward in fulfilling God's purpose for their lives.

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