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Books by Dr. Sutherland

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Open Door 


Dr. Sutherland interview 

about his book

Informed Faith 

Dr. Sutherland preaches 

at an international 

African Francophone 

Christian TV Program

Proclaim His Name

     In clear, simple language Sutherland guides you through a Spirit-directed journey to great preaching. Chapter after chapter, pages turn, pausing only for reflection upon God’s magnificent splendor. What makes preaching great? Are there secrets to consistently effective Sermons? What do 15 seasoned preachers from 3 continents advise? Well-told stories let in refreshing air to help move this noble topic along.  


So Great A Salvation

  An exciting journey into the wonders of God's great salvation. Slow down at each scenic turn and gaze deep into the splendor of God's wisdom.

   New to Christianity? Long-time believer? 

   Stand amazed at God's great love!

(With discussion questions)


Fatherly Influence:

A Man's Finest Legacy 

   Celebrate Fatherhood!! 

    Tap into 5 powerful influences to bring out the best in your child. 

  Find out what 100 people had to say about fatherhood. Maximize your fatherly influence.

    Excellent for fathers to be, new fathers, and fathers who have been at it for a while. 

     Great gift for every man & woman.


Informed Faith:

Reasons For The Hope Within

  Informed Faith gives you confidence in your faith. Hold your ground with anyone. 

   Informed faith leads both seekers and believers towards certainty. Matters of eternal consequences are too great to be uncertain about.

(With discussion questions)

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